Tonight, don’t miss the EuroMericana concert at 7 p.m. at the Coronado Community Center, 150 Ponderosa Way. The EuroMericana Jazz Project features concert violinist Oksana Pavilionis, Slavek Bolubah on drums, Matt Treadway on guitar, and Brad Birge on bass. Guest musician Lexington Porter, a jazz violinist, will join EuroMericana for this evening’s performance. Tickets are $15 and may be purchased at

Oksana Pavilionis is a premier concert violinist who can switch from a heart-rending song by Rachmaninoff to a lilting waltz by Strauss to a fiddle tune that would make you believe she was born in the Ozark Mountains. A perfectionist without a perfectionist’s temperament, Oksana’s performance is always honest and impeccable. Her solo performances, as well as performances with a group, showcase the beauty of string music and demonstrate the variety of music that can be performed with a string instrument. Oksana began playing at age five in Russia and started teaching shortly after that. She now wants to bring the beauty of music to the people of Arkansas.

Matt Treadway picked up a guitar at 12 years old. He studied with some of the best teachers in Little Rock. Matt Said: “It was Dave Matthews who first opened my mind to a world of complex and rhythmic playing that went way beyond three chords and a backbeat. From there, the road led directly to Jazz, a place where I can paint with every color of the rainbow and some that haven’t been discovered yet. I could list all my influences for you, but we don’t have that much time (I’d rather be playing.)”

Brad Birge was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He took to music as a teenager, first picking up the guitar. It wasn’t until his later teenage years that he played his first electric bass, which he fell in love with. A few years later he began studying the double bass, and has not stopped since. He current plays bass in multiple bands in addition to being a freelance musician.

For more information, please call the Coronado Community Center at 501-922-5050.

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