HSVPOA reminds all members and guests that boat decals or lake passes are required at all HSV lakes.

HSVPOA Policy Chapter 2, Article 9, Lakes Policy requires all property owners to purchase annually and display a lake-use decal on all motorized and non-motorized boats and trailers used on HSV lakes. Decals must be affixed to the boat before it is used on any HSV lake.

Lake use is defined as any boat (powered or unpowered) used in a Village lake, or any boat sitting upon or suspended above the lakes within HSV, or any boat trailer sitting within the parking area of any HSV boat launch area.

Surveys for compliance have begun. Owners are encouraged to display decals uniformly on all boats. For motorized and non-motorized boats with a transom, decals should be displayed on the left side of the transom above the water line. For non-motorized boats that do not have a transom, decals should be displayed on the rear, left side of the boat above the water line.

Sponsored guests are required to register their boats by purchasing and displaying either a daily or 14-day temporary lake use tag before usage on any HSV lake. Daily use tags are available for purchase at all HSV boat ramps, and 14-day lake use tags are available for purchase at the HSVPOA Administration Building.

Long-term renters (defined as renters who have a lease of six months or longer) may purchase and display the same lake use decals available to property owners. To purchase a decal, the renter must present a copy of his or her lease. The fee will be established in the annual fee schedule as approved by the Board of Directors.

Failure to properly display a decal may result in the suspension of privileges and/or an administrative fine.

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